Network Security

Secure your remote network of devices with cellular VPN and private LTE services.
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Mitigate the Risks of Deploying Remote Networks

Our experts help your team replace aged devices with outdated security features on expiring 2G and 3G networks. Remote access over public static IPs can quickly be converted to using dynamic IPs with VPN configuration. Painlessly modernize and improve security for your IoT deployments over LTE while preparing for future 5G implementations. Building vast networks across the globe means attackers can come from anywhere. Rest easy knowing you're prepared.

Secure Devices

Go beyond two factor authentication of username and password.

  • Controlled points of entry. 
  • Access Control Lists (ACL).
  • Anti-DoS attack multicast/ping filter.
  • Firewalls Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), IPSEC, VPN, and OpenVPN.
  •  Multi-level user authorizations.

Secure Connections

Between lost SIM cards, recycled or duplicated static IP addresses, and phone numbers associated with SIM ICCIDs, your data consumption and connectivity may be at risk of unauthorized usage or lack of availability issues — all at your expense and exposure.

We secure your connections by disabling unwanted spam SMS. You benefit from 24/7 access to manage, troubleshoot, and monitor data consumption to resolve unexpected activity.

Secure Networks

Prepare for the worst. Implement best practices with a partner who can advise you on how to protect your network from breaches.

  • Build in alerts for data consumption and connection limits.
  • Be prepared as you increase capacity and bandwidth while you scale.
  • Keep up with ongoing maintenance and firmware updates.
  • Gain the ability to quickly take action and minimize potential intrusions.

Secure by Design

When it comes to building large IoT networks of connected devices a focus on security at each level needs to start at the onset of any project or program and continue through decommissioning. When your devices are at customer facilities or in the public, VPN encryption helps protect data while transmitting over Public and Private cellular networks into your IoT cloud hosted or on premise servers.

Highly Available. Resilient

Maintaining security while building redundancy can be a challenge in remote networks. The demand for failover solutions with backup internet sources shouldn’t come at the risk of jeopardizing your remote or centralized networks. We help you secure your network by controlling inbound internet sources from WAN, WiFi, and cellular while managing which outbound devices are allowed to send and receive data on the secure network.

VPN through SIM

Improve your security position for legacy and active deployments with VPN over SIM. When you sunset and replace 2G and 3G devices, you should upgrade from scarce, public static IP addresses to secure and available VPN. Our team will help you to establish a VPN for encrypted data transmission over public networks servicing your site-to-site or remote access to endpoints. Once a VPN client is established and configured, you will be able to administer remote devices as if you are onsite.

VPN Platform

Secure your remote assets without the burden of owning data servers. We provide a cloud hosted VPN solution that combines the functions of device management and VPN security.  Rapidly deploy with built-in, automated features for VPN client downloads, Network Address Translation (NAT) and port mapping, and Virtual IP assignments. Visualize your assets on a map. Control your operations with secure, remote troubleshooting of devices such as PLCs, VFDs, HMIs, and POS. User-specific configuration files deliver user access control and auditing — great for large teams. 

VPN Tunnel

Keep more of your hard earned money with a low cost VPN solution. A VPN tunnel improves your security by removing the persistent vulnerability of servers which can be hacked. Gain massive scalability and hierarchal control with the ability to run up to 50 concurrent connections. These firewalls are great for cellular and WAN-based deployments that demand lots of bandwidth. Use cases include graphical and video remote monitoring systems like BAS and surveillance. Robust VPN solutions don't have to be complicated to be effective.

Private LTE

Municipalities, public safety providers, utilities, and large corporations use private LTE to improve their security positions. Private LTE gives you contained control over your IoT deployments, behind the company firewall and away from the public internet. The low-latency solution paves the way for priority-based applications to allocate bandwidth resources while building a roadmap to adoption 5G. Get ahead of the curve! Adopt private LTE early, and secure your network for the long-term. Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).


VPN through SIM


VPN Platform


VPN Tunnel


Private LTE

Secure Your Network. Get Piece of Mind

VPN is more than hardware and software. Leverage integrated products, policies, and processes to safeguard your IoT networks.

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