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Get vetted devices that are ready-to-deploy on your network. Improve reliability and resiliency. Reduce support costs and protect margins.
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White Glove IoT Networking

CoreM2M hardware services are necessary for businesses to keep up with the fast pace changes of Industry 4.0 and monetize connected solutions. Our experts continuously evaluate network and product fluctuations to benefit the business interests of our customers. We manage the heavy lifting of vetting products, configuring devices, provisioning networks, organizing management systems, and troubleshooting issues. We give companies the tools to succeed and work as an extension of your team — helping you support your network.

Qualify IoT Hardware

Certified devices to meet your application requirements:

  • Pre-vetted products that enable quicker adoption.
  • Proven systems with industrial grade reliability.
  • Avoid costly over engineered products and forced subscriptions. 

Configuration Services

Configuration as a Service (CaaS):

  • Receive ready-to-deploy devices.
  • Get built-in failover, reconnection, redundancy, and security.
  • No more complicated Network Address Tables (NAT) or Port Mapping.

SIM Provisioning

Verified connection between your SIM and cellular towers. Done for you prior to shipment:

  • SIM insertion.
  • APN configuration.
  • Bandwidth speed test.
  • Unified SIM management system.

Real Problems

When selecting products and services from a multitude of independent vendors to complete an IoT solution, businesses lack the benefit of a single point-of-contact to help them resolve issues and solve large-scale problems. When a device is unable to connect to your network, you are made to separately explain the issue to multiple vendors, facilitate communications among individual vendors, and find yourself in the difficult circumstance where all vendors assert the cause the the problem is elsewhere. This costs your business time and money and harms the user experiences of your customers — which imposes a greater risk to your reputation as a trusted vendor.

Real Solutions

We are your end-to-end solutions provider for all aspects of IoT networking. As your single point-of-contact, we coordinate responses across all of your vendors and deliver valuable incident management. We also provide problem management after an incident, helping to eliminate root cause and mitigate future risks to your network's performance and reliability. We make IoT networks resilient.

Spend less time remediating recurring events of degraded interrupted service. Spend more time attracting customers and telling your story with confidence. We work on your network, so you can work on your business.

Industrial Cellular and VPN Routers

Your application requires a stable, always-on connection. Connect, secure, and maintain you mission-critical enterprise applications. Deliver remote internet to PLCs, HMIs, VFDs, and other assets in the field. Securely administer downstream devices from anywhere in the world as if you're standing in front of the terminal.

Cellular Modems

Wirelessly send data packets from serial devices to your centralized or IoT cloud servers. Save your business from the expense of cost prohibitive, hardwired installations. Benefit from low-cost, low-power consumption, and small form factor devices that deliver stable internet connections to IoT and M2M applications. CoreM2M provides already-certified module modems and chassis modems which easily integrate with the OEM equipment that you already have.

IoT Gateways

Increase the speed of your network and lower demand on your core infrastructure. Gain the ability to translate protocols and simultaneously route and process data at the edge. Isolate security threats to individual devices. Capitalize on the distributed nature of endpoints on edge networks, and improve the overall security position of your network. Connect to a multitude of interfaces, including serial RS485/RS232, 4xCANBUS, DI/DO, AI/AO, BLE, WiFi, and ethernet. Gateways offer the added benefit of being fully programmable, so you can add you own proprietary software.

Vehicle Telematics

Locate, monitor, and recover critical assets — enhanced by real-time insights and alerting. Provision GPS and internet access to your automotive assets, including rental fleets, generators, ECU sensors, telematics systems, and vehicle area networks. However basic or complex your requirements are, CoreM2M has the devices to meet your use case.


Industrial Cellular and VPN Routers


Cellular Modems


IoT Gateways


Vehicle Telematics

Start Scaling Your Business

IoT is a fast-growth industry. Labeled the "Second Industrial Revolution," companies that build on IoT quickly scale networks and grow in size. CoreM2M is your growth partner. We bring the ability to qualify, procure, and integrate hardware, platforms, and data connectivity. CoreM2M delivers a complete IoT solution, enabling businesses to add more customers and capture more revenue in a growing market.

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