Owasys owa450 Series

The Owasys owa450 edge computing telematics device enables you to easily collect data insights and establish data driven triggers for preventive or predictive maintenance. Supervise and manage your industrial vehicles and machines.

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Front view ot Owasys wwa450a tilted left.
Front view of Owasys owa450i tilted left.
View of Owasys owa450a+ with M12 connector front view tilted left.
Front and rear views of Owasys ewa450a+.
Front view ot Owasys wwa450a tilted left.

Product Highlights

  • UMTS/HSPA and GSM Fallback: Global LTE Cat 1 4G with 3G/2G fallback. LTE CAT 1 is designed to be power efficient, optimizing energy consumption. By minimizing power usage,  LTE CAT 1 helps  battery-powered devices to prolong operational lifespan of the edge devices.
  • ARM Cortex A8 CPU 32bit @800MHz: Cortex-A8 processor offers high performance, low power consumption, full virtual memory support, ARMv7-A architecture with key features, integrated L2 cache, and wide deployment in IoT gateway applications.
  • owa450 is ITxPT Compliant: Suitable for monitoring electrical buses and other public transport vehicles. Being ITxPT Certified ensures seamless communication and interoperability between different components of the public transportation ecosystem. 
  • Multiple Interfaces: The owa450 has built in interoperability; CAN bus, CAN FD buses, K-line bus, digital & analog I/O, RS232, RS485, USB Host 2.0, Ethernet, Maxim 1-wire, uSD card slot, and Audio Codec, provides seamless integration with various sensors, actuators and peripherals.
  • Energy Efficiency: Low Power Consumption and power-saving modes optimize energy consumption in the IoT gateway. The modes include idle mode, where the processor reduces its clock frequency and voltage when there is no active workload. StandBy mode further reduces consumption by shutting down non-essential components while maintaining system context.