Leverage a Robust IoT Connectivity Platform to Manage and Monetize data with CoreConnect.
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Overcome IoT Connectivity Challenges

Get 24/7 access to your CoreConnect portal with connections to more than 500 cellular network providers in nearly 200 countries. CoreConnect is your white-label connectivity portal where you can; manage multiple customer accounts, take action on remote SIMs, and send consumption alerts. Empower your personnel resources to anticipate and respond to over-utilization. The CoreConnect platform delivers a user-friendly interface that simplifies data plan management, reduces your learning curve, and allows you to deploy with confidence.

Order SIMs

Simplify SIM procurement and activation on any network(s).

  • Define network region(s).
  • Choose Form Factor (2FF, 3FF, 4FF, eSIM).
  • Select network profile.
  • Get commercial or industrial grade SIMs.

Add Subscribers

Each new subscriber increases your recurring revenue stream.

  • Activate new connections individually or in batches.
  • Select IoT data plans that meet your customers’ capacity needs.
  • Consolidate your customers into data pools to avoid overage charges.

Scale Connections

Deliver reliable service at scale to drive high consumer satisfaction and increase customer retention.

  • Confirm APN and IP details.
  • Run SIM diagnostics.
  • Refresh tower connection remotely.
  • Validate data session consumption.

Direct CoreConnect

Attain control of your IoT data and scale connections. The CoreConnect platform gives you a single pane of glass to manage all things connectivity. We provide modern, user-friendly tools that make your company self-sufficient, so you can add new customers to your network. Your staff will quickly learn how to activate SIMs, troubleshoot connections, set up data consumption alerts, and obtain other valuable insights about your remote connections. Leverage CoreConnect to enable reseller partners to grow your customer base and scale connections.

Managed CoreConnect

Get expert help to expedite your deployments. Save the money of hiring and training a network administrator. Protect your team’s efficiency instead of adding additional tasks to existing staff and at the cost of their throughput. You have better options.

CoreM2M functions as your network administrator. We focus on your network, so you can focus on your business. Our team helps your business scale. We champion your effort to control costs by monitoring connections for abnormalities on your behalf. Then, we proactively recommend solutions to issues before they become problems at the end of a billing cycle.

Hardware Agnostic Connectivity

Regardless of which certified devices you choose for your network, our services enable BYOD capabilities. You get connectivity without the cost of vendor lock-in by carriers or hardware.

CoreM2M IoT data products and services are tailor made for businesses that want to scale. Put our IoT/M2M connectivity experts to work for your business.

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Transparent Pricing

IoT data plans that lack cost transparency stifle companies' potential to scale. Capture the ability to drive productive growth from your internet connections. CoreM2M delivers certainty of data costs without complex math equations. Within the CoreConnect portal, you’ll gain complete visibility of your IoT data plan pricing, no matter the network provider, capacity or region.

Bulk SIM Management

Spend less time managing connections and more time adding subscribers. Leverage the capabilities of CoreConnect to remotely manage your entire network. Bulk actions allows you to perform critical tasks efficiently, without the tedious work of one-at-a-time adjustments. Quickly administer changes to maximize service availability and improve customer satisfaction.

Flexible, Optimized Networks

Connectivity is not one-size-fits-all. Choose IoT data plans that meet the demands of your network, not the constraints of a carrier data plan. CoreM2M connectivity delivers the full range of the cellular spectrum.

Take control of your network. Optimize your internet speed and IoT data plan capacity at the same time. Earn better margins.


Hardware Agnostic Connectivity


Transparent Pricing


Bulk SIM Management


Flexible, Optimized Networks

Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation

Empower your company to do more and earn more with CoreConnect. As your partner, we'll help your business position itself to manage its customer IoT data in one place. Drive efficiency, and earn convenience.