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Scalable IoT network connectivity for mission critical deployments across the globe.
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Capture Recurring Revenue. Connect the Future

Grow your customer base with connected business models. CoreM2M IoT connectivity solutions enable enterprises to monetize their IoT use cases.
Business Insider Intelligence forecasts that there will be more than 64 billion IoT devices installed around the world by 2026, with companies and consumers spending nearly $15 trillion on IoT devices, solutions, and supporting systems.
– Business Insider
A multitude of new IoT devices all required reliable data connections. Rise with the tide of IoT and gain new customers in your vertical market. The promise of Industry 4.0 paints a picture of a connected world.


Move forward faster. Streamline onboarding, and lower network run costs.

Custom IoT Plans

Increase flexibility and control connectivity costs. Companies with IoT deployments have been sold one-size-fits-all data plans or worse — plans intended for cell phones. In addition to paying a premium for unused capacity, plans not specific to IoT lack visualization and troubleshooting features.

Responsive Support

It's imperative you have knowledgeable experts in your corner when you experience performance issues with your network connections. We respond quickly to minimize your downtime.
  • Domestic support for international IoT data.
  • SIM diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Staff augmentation and employee platform training.
  • Email, phone, and live support.

Simplified IoT Billing

Control costs and protect your margins. We've simplified the billing of IoT data plans so customers can predict and understand what they are paying for. By consolidating multiple carrier networks on a single bill, you save your staff from the effort of deciphering multiple incoherent invoices. Benefit from accurate and reliable billing, and invoice your customers with increased precision and accuracy. Earn better margins, and increase customer satisfaction.

Connectivity Services

Unlock potential with powerful connectivity solutions to catapult your business.
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5G Internet

5G internet solutions for IoT an augmented reality applications.
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Robust IoT connectivity platform built for businesses to control and monetize data.
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Robust IoT Connectivity Platform

Access IoT connectivity in nearly 200 countries — from over 500 different network providers — through CoreConnect, your data platform and all-in-one dashboard. Monitor and influence the connectivity of your IoT deployments to enable your scalable digital transformation. Get 24/7 access to the portal where you can manage multiple accounts, take action on remote SIMs, and send alerts via email or SMS, so your resources can proactively respond to anticipated overutilization. The CoreConnect platform delivers a user-friendly interface that simplifies data plan management, reduces your learning curve, and allows you to deploy with confidence.

Low Bandwidth. Low Cost

Don't pay for speed and capacity that you don't need. There are a multitude of applications around the world that only require minimal internet speeds.
You have less expensive options. Leverage CAT M, NB IoT, and CAT 1 networks for your fleet tracking financial transactions. These long-range, lower power consumption IoT plans enable you to scale networks at a fraction of the cost. They're ideal network options for LPWAN sensors and battery-powered devices to connect critical data.
Get off crowded frequencies that compete with consumer devices for tower priority, and jump on less crowded spectrum designed specifically for IoT.

High Capacity IoT Plans

Overage charges for unoptimized plans with insufficient capacity add up quickly and risk runaway project costs.
CoreM2M protects your business from unexpected data spikes and accompanying fees by proactively monitoring your usage and adjusting plan allotments mid-billing cycle. Even minor overages are costly when experienced across thousands of SIMs. Major overages impose consequential risks to annual budgets.
Surveillance systems and other high-definition remote monitoring implementations require always-online connections. Mid-cycle plan flexibility is essential for high consumption, variable usage devices. CoreM2M protects your profit margins.

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CoreM2M IoT Connectivity services enable OEMs to monetize IoT solutions and simplify their data connections across the globe.
Be a market leader. Conquer your vertical.

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