Our Leadership Team

CoreM2M is a team of experienced industry professionals that share a belief; to put customer service first. We only succeed when our customers succeed. Knowing and understanding this is foundational to everything we do and build.
Creating a culture of treating others with dignity and respect goes beyond business. Supporting our families, communities and philanthropic causes is why we work hard to create reliable networks of people and devices.

Stephen Lynch is the VP of IoT CoreM2M. He helps customers qualify products and services that are relevant to their use cases while ensuring our customers get the best possible support for their IoT deployments.

Steve started his career in 2007. Prior to joining CoreM2M, he assisted CMs and OEMs with sourcing semiconductors to fulfill BOM requirements, and to locate positive PPV opportunities. In 2010, Steve transitioned his focus to HPC servers and data center infrastructure. He managed several large data center decommissioning projects and OEM production stock asset recovery efforts due to consolidation, acquisitions, and obsolescence.

Since joining CoreM2M in 2018, Steve has constantly focused on the continuous improvement of the CoreM2M customer experience. He has delivered systems and processes that drive revenue by simplifying customer deployments and enabling their businesses to scale.