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Scaling networks is a challenge. Our experts remove barriers, so you can profitably grow your business. Answer the opportunity to capture recurring revenue enabled by Industry 4.0 and new, connected business models.
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We Scale IoT and M2M Networks

CoreM2M enables businesses to quickly and reliably scale IoT and M2M networks to answer current and future capacity and performance needs.
Our vetted methodology will help your product or services team define a go-to-market strategy. Build once. Deploy everywhere.
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Skip the struggle. CoreM2M will help you securely administer your IoT network and make easy for you to access new capacity as you need it available.


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Qualify IoT Devices
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Secure Your Network
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Connect IoT Data
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1. Discovery

Our experts listen to develop a deep understanding of your goals and the challenges you will overcome to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Discovery informs solutions, priorities, and our delivery approach.

2. Qualify IoT Devices

Select the right hardware for your use case. Accelerate adoption with pre-approved devices that can be quickly added to your network.
Hardware Services

3. Secure Your Network

Secure your remote assets. Securely administer your devices and reduce the risk of intrusion by bad actors on your IoT network.
Network Security

4. Connect IoT Data

Connect your devices to IoT data plans. We target data plans made for IoT, so you avoid expensive cellular data plans where you pay for unsolicited SMS spam.
Our Testimonials

What Our Customers Say about Us

  • After years of dealing with poor customer response and frequent loss of service from a large telecommunication provider used to send data for our SCADA system, we swapped over to CoreM2M. CoreM2M provided SIM cards and immediate assistance with setting the conversion to their system, which has been fool proof since completion. Their excellent customer service and pricing has made this change a great move for our water system. I highly recommend CoreM2M to other customers who are in need of Data networks for operation of their systems.
    Paul Colby
    Byfield, MA Water District
  • Our company manages a large footprint of digital displays in retail and outdoor environments. Connectivity is a critical piece of the solution and we rely on cellular connections to support our daily operations. Managing individual data plans with various carriers was an overwhelming task. CoreM2M took over our disparate plans, advised on right-sizing based on historical usage and consolidated them under one easy to use portal. This has enabled our staff to focus less on data plan management and let them focus more on our core business. If your organization maintains a large number of data plans, let CoreM2M assist you. They will save you time and money!
    Marc Del Vecchio
  • CoreM2M helped streamline our IoT networking solution's logistics and supply chain. Having CoreM2M as our primary source for hardware, data connectivity, and vendor management allowed us to stay focused on delivering solutions to our customers and spend less time worrying about inventory gaps during long lead times or component shortages. Consolidating domestic and international data plans using VPN through SIM, CoreM2M simplified our connectivity while improving our network security.
    Shawn Kiefer
    Total Control Systems
  • Dawn Equipment needed to qualify a new hardware device for our AgTech solution. CoreM2M identified the ideal product to meet our challenging application requirements. They are the easiest to work with among all our vendors.

    Dawn Equipment switched to CoreM2M for our IoT data. In doing so, we simplified our data management and captured significant costs savings. Our customers benefit from improved reliability and greater satisfaction. We highly recommend CoreM2M.
    Alyssa Malenke
    Dawn Equipment Company
  • We are thrilled about the service CoreM2M provides. They helped us build a secure IoT networking solution which allows us to monetize maintenance contracts and additional services.

    We’d love to publicly support them, but cannot because CoreM2M is a major part of our vertical market competitive advantage.
    Anonymous Corp.

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Great companies trust CoreM2M to help them deploy networks all over the world.

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